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2013 Fiber tests have arrived!

We just received the test results back from our 2013 clip.

I have great news to report on our fleece quality improvement program. It’s no secret that we have been using the EPD program to help with our breeding decisions. Each year we have seen a progressive orderly improvement on the several traits that are considered when determining fiber value. Average Fiber diameter for our whole herd has dropped to 20.8 microns, almost identical to our core breeding group average of 20.1micron. We are very pleased to see these numbers as well as learning that w... Full article >

EPDs? Without question, John Deere is best…..

Nobody was paying attention and other things to make your head explode.

Understanding the ARI - EPD program can appear daunting. It is unfortunate that much of the “discussion” to date has been argumentative and has taken the focus off the reality that EPD’s do work. Some who disagreed with the initial decisions made to get the program up and running felt a need to voice their negative opinions. It also didn’t help that “moneyed interests” may feel a bit threatened with transparency provided by EPDs. Looking back at some of the “chat site” archives is like a watchi... Full article >