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Facebook App

Put your Openherd sales lists on Facebook.

Promote your animals on Facebook

Openherd makes it easy to manage your farm information in one place, and market in many. To extend your reach to social media, our Facebook App makes displaying your Openherd sales lists on your Facebook business page a snap!

Just follow the steps to the right and you'll be up and running in minutes!

Don't have a Facebook Business Page?

On Facebook, 'profiles' are for individuals and 'pages' are for businesses (learn more about the differences here). If you only have a personal profile, you'll need to add a business page first before you can install this app.

Learn how to create a business page >


Why can't I install this app on my personal profile?

Facebook only allows their recommended apps to be installed on personal profiles. Custom apps can only be installed on Facebook business pages.

Why can't I find 'Our Alpacas' on my mobile device?

Currently Facebook doesn't display custom apps on their Facebook mobile app. This may change in the future.

Can I display the different sales categories in this app?

At this time all animals are displayed in one single list, ordered alphabetically.